“I have been called to speak with a prophetic voice to the men of this generation and commissioned with a ministry majoring in men to declare a standard for manhood, and that standard is ‘manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous.’”

– Dr Edwin Louis Cole

CMN - Ways to Build a Men's Ministry

Quickstart: Your 12-Session Pathway to Success. Discover how discipling strong men increases salvations, growth, workers, giving, and helps build your personal influence and effectiveness.

Preparing: Benefits of Men’s Ministry. Choosing the right men to get start. Discipling men who do the work of the ministry.

Planning: Keys to powerful men’s meetings. Planning, prayer, preparation, perspiration and perseverance adapted to your church culture. Seven steps for event success and seven details to nail down. Three things a presenter must do.

Practices: Building your group administration and finances. Adapt discipleship to your own culture. How to communicate hard truths with the grace of Christ. Honoring men who accept responsibility. The #1 way to succeed, and the top five ways to fail your men.

Principles: Your Life as a Leader. Avoid rules. Ten principles of leadership. Ensure the Holy Spirit changes you and your men from the inside out.

Proofs: Why All This? Why Do We Need a men’s movement? Be motivated to bring men to Christ.

Every Monday at 9:00 EST

CMN MONDAY NIGHT MEN is a global online intensive for men. CMN is  starting with Strong Men in Tough Times (Click for more information.) For 12-weeks, we’ll roll through the book in a 26-minute strong, dynamic manner from our studios.

As an individual, send questions for discussion on the following Wednesday morning.  We’ll discuss them at “CMN Monday Night Men” on Facebook.  Grab your friends or men’s group and watch Monday nights.  Follow-up with your own online meetup after (e.g.,  Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts) for another 30-minute for recap and prayer.

NOTE: Many pastors use this opportunity to crank-up their ministry to men without the study legwork, management, delivery or organizational planning.

You’ll be stirred to action when you join us for this antidote to the epidemic of weak men, STRONG MEN IN TOUGH TIMES.

Teachings post at 9 EST. CMN will archive them there so you can watch it any time.

CMN Global Summit

Join Dale Bronner, Robert Barriger, Mark Chironna, Dale O’Shields, Eddy Leo, Pierre duPlessis, and hundreds more global influencers, thought leaders, creators and provocateurs. Stalwart men are converging from the US, Brazil, Germany, Peru, Indonesia and beyond. These men will enlarge your life. They’re the friends you’ve always wanted to have, the warriors you’ve always wanted to stand with, the men you’ve always wanted to be. Men who are serious about God, family, friends, their church, and their world. Men committed to each other’s God-given dreams. Sit at the table with leaders who ignite your spirit and inspire your heart. You and I were born to be STALWART men. Join me. Setting is intimate. Seating is limited.

Dr Paul Louis Cole

According to Paul Louis Cole…

For over 40 years the Christian Men’s Network has been a highly effective global movement of pastors and leaders dedicated to training men toward their roles as servant-leaders in their families, church, and culture. The foundational truth of this international movement is that “Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous.”

Today, CMN has become a human justice mission with a goal to end child abuse and trafficking by changing the hearts of men worldwide. CMN’s “Global Fatherhood Initiative” is reaching into new nations every year operating on the belief that “every child deserves a loving dad.”

Based on the direction of the Apostle Paul when he taught his young charge in 2 Timothy 2:2 to “Commit these truths to faithful men, who will teach others also.”  The CMN ministry has trained over a million leaders in 138 nations, and the multiplication of that thrust continues strong today.  

CMN Global Impact

Founded by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole® and his family, CMN has made his classic Maximized Manhood the most widely read book for men in the world. This movement continues today under the leadership of Paul Cole, Bishop Dale C. Bronner in Atlanta, Dr. Robert Barriger in Peru, Eddy Leo in Indonesia, J. Doug Stringer in Houston, and other key men around the world…working together in Mongolia, Germany, Uganda, China, Bulgaria, Botswana, Indonesia, Belize, Namibia, Russia, Peru, Argentina, Brazi and a hundred other nations.

In 1997, the MAJORING IN MEN® curriculum was launched. Today it is the most successful men’s mentoring material in the world, endorsed by leaders globally and used by over 8,000,000 men.  The goal is to Build Men, Build Churches, Transform Culture. And by the power of the Holy Spirit, God does it … one man at a time.