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EMAZ Family Fun Ride Hits on ALL Cylinders. 

May 1st was a first for EMAZ!  Our first Family Fun Ride was an overwhelming success.  Great Fun.  Super Food.  Amazing Fellowship. 

Of course, how can Saturday go wrong when it begins with free donuts and coffee.

Dan Olsen said, “I watched all of you drive into the Mountaintop parking lot.  Considering what I saw, we’ll be opening in prayer!”

So, let me see if I got this straight…  Every Fun Ride quad train, like every sled dog team, must have a Lead Dog!  Who, besides Mark Womack, would have known this ride protocol … and come prepared with his sled dog, Blue!

Coming out of Ride Stop #3, Jared Wockenfuss exclaimed, “Where did everyone go?  Keep driving.  I think that they went this way!”

Skull Valley - The Pearson Giant Cottonwood
God Bless Brig and Bob Pearson!

One highlight of the ride was meeting “Brig” in Skull Valley.  This remarkable tree stands at the entrance of Brig’s home and fruit orchard. 

As we gathered around the world’s largest recorded Freemont Cottonwood Tree, Brig recounted stories of Bob Pearson’s life and his zest for people.  Until his death, Bob would climb the local hills recounting tales of natural wildlife and indian ruins.  Albeit in his 80s, Bob slowed down slightly.  His talks became more frequent and tales longer.  His stories mezmorized hikers but he never failed to reach his summit.

Then, as God would have it, we were given the opportunity to pray for Brig who had been diagnosed with Leukemia.  The amazing group photo, to the left, was taken by an equally remarkable, Godly woman.  Although we prayed for her, she blessed us.