Lectio Divina – The Sabbath Journey

Lectio Divina is spiritual discipline that has been practiced since the 3rd century.  Scott Quesinberry writes, “It is a Sabbath practice that breaks my weekly routine.  I find it deeply meaningful.”

Psalm 103: Forgiveness and Healing

  • Make a list of my frustrations. Pray & release them.
  • How do I treat peers who outload on me?
  • How do I manage my kids behavior and privileges?
  • How should I react when family disappoints me?
How do I lovingly express my feelings to my peers and family where discipline is required?

I read. I meditated. I prayed. I visualized.  Here is how God’s Spirit spoke to me.  “As I look back….How do I balance my expectations of others and my disappointment at their shortcomings?  I need to see my healing through the lense of God’s forgiveness.  After pausing to reflect, I need to react in a loving and positive manner…” – Q