Lectio Divina – The Sabbath Journey

Lectio Divina is spiritual discipline that has been practiced since the 3rd century.  Scott Quesinberry writes, “It is a Sabbath practice that breaks my weekly routine.  I find it deeply meaningful.”

Together with Scott, we’ll make this a 7th Day Sabbath Journey.  Lectio Divina steps are simple. Read a Bible passage.  Meditate on the passages practical meaning for your life.  Pray, open your heart and sense how God’s Spirit is speaking into your life.  Visualize how this will look in your daily walk.  We hope that you are equally blessed as you do “The Sabbath Journey” .

“Lord, you can scrutinize me. Refine my heart and probe my every thought. Put me to the test and you’ll find it’s true.”
Psalms 26:2 (The Passion Translation)

“Gold and silver are tested by fire, and a person’s heart is tested by the Lord.” Proverbs 17:3 (Good News Translation)

I read. I meditated. I prayed. I visualized.  Here is how God’s Spirit spoke to me.  Scott, “The hardest thing is to realize God does put us to the test….but carries us through the process!!!”  — So, my friend, what did God’s Spirit say to you?