Gallery of Past Events

Cornerstone Men's Community Group Breakfast (Nov'19)

Christlike growth at Cornerstone Church is about Community Groups and personal relationships.  Options for growth and care are everywhere!  There are local family groups that get together to eat, meet and tend to each another’s needs.  Mens-only and Women’s-only community groups meet for breakfasts, fellowship, study and discipleship support.  Community groups exist for hiking, knitting, parenting and more.  

On Saturday (11/2), the Cornerstone Men’s Community Group gathered for breakfast and brisket.  Yes, it’s about fellowship!  But how can you mention a Cornerstone Men’s Breakfast without highlighting Johnny O’s day-long smoked, plastic-fork tender, melt-in-your-mouth  brisket.  Cornerstone is the gold-standard for Men’s Breakfast in the Quad Cities!

A Bible Study devotional followed the gastric feast.  Michael Coffer spoke about personal fears, uncertain risks and Isaiah 43:1-5.  In Michael’s case, this passage and God’s 266-biblical reassurances of “Fear Not” carried him through surgery 10+ years ago.  Guy-to-guy, Michael’s devotional story about his prostate surgery spoke to every man in the room.      

Cornerstone Church meets every Sunday morning in the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center (9am and 1030am).  As important, Community Groups meet mid-week and new groups are being formed.  God’s plan and purpose for living begins with a knowledge of His Word which creates fruit in deepened relationship with other believers.

Michael Coffer leads the weekly Cornerstone Men’s Bible Study.  This multi-church, non-denominational study meets at the Set Free Center in downtown Prescott from 7:30-9:00a.  See the EMAZ Activities Calendar for more information.

Cornerstone Men "Toast" James Faivre

OK, perhaps “roast” is the correct word.  In good natured camaraderie, Mike Whitlow, Captain of the Cornerstone Golf Cart Shuttle Team, awarded James Faivre the first-ever, Cornerstone Road Warrior T-Shirt for his unheralded efforts during the 2019 Men’s Expo!  Mike’s Golf Cart Shuttle Team (Larry Moore, John Watson, Gerry Napolske, Paul Simari, Ron Allen, Craig Mickelsen and James Faivre) rotated driving chores throughout the 5-hour event.  

According to Mike Whitlow, James received the Road Warrior T-Shirt because, between 7:30a-2:00p, James never left his cart to stretch his legs or take a bathroom break.  James, who taught Drivers Education at one point in his career, looked “content and at home” behind the wheel of his cart.  James, a US Navy Veteran, has established new standards for volunteer service!  Remember two Navy slogans: “Honor, Courage, Commitment!”  and “It’s Not Just a Job, It’s An Adventure”

Crossfire Logo

Crossfire Breakfasts & Devotionals Building Disciples for nearly 10-years

For nearly a decade American Lutheran Church (ALC) has hosted the Crossfire Men’s Breakfast.  Weekly, 60-80 men gather for breakfast, fellowship and focused storytelling.   

Kenny James, the Crossfire Coordinator and contemporary worship leader, is quick to point-out that Crossfire men are NOT just Lutherans.  The men who gather are a cross section of Prescott Christians.

According to James, “Our goal with Crossfire is to bring Christian men together for fellowship, study and prayer regardless of where they worship! Our tables are filled with men from many different denominations and churches.  Besides Lutherans (because we meet at American Lutheran Church), Crossfire gathers brothers from Baptist churches, charismatic churches, Roman Catholic churches, the Evangelical Free Church, Prescott Christian Church, 7th Day Adventist church and more.  Crossfire is a melting pot of Christian men who teach and disciple one another in Christlikeness.”

According to Erich Sokoloski, Associate Pastor at ALC, Crossfire Men’s Ministry has been uniquely designed to allow men teach and mature each other in faith. 

Pastor Sokoloski describes the Crossfire strategy in the following way, “Unlike churches where the men’s ministry is directed by a pastor or paid staff, Crossfire empowers men to lead men. To build this character, different men talk about their favorite verse(s) every Thursday.  We call this “Storytelling”.  After their `’10-minute story’, other men lead tableside prayer and everyone chews on 3-5 discussion questions.  Crossfire “storytelling” is about meaningful application of biblical principles.  It is not sermon-type, top-down teaching.  The Crossfire dynamic breaks down barriers as men minister to one another.  As a pastor, I remain low-profile and let God’s Spirit grow men.”               

Crossfire meets Thursday mornings in the Fellowship Hall at American Lutheran Church (1085 Scott Dr, Prescott, AZ, 86301).  Breakfast and fellowship from 5:45 – 6:15am.  Storytelling and interactive table discussion from 6:15 – 7:30am. Men of all ages are welcome to join.  No sign up … just show up

Contact Coordinator, Kenny James for more info.  Check them out  at or in this Every Man Arizona website at:

May'19 Living Waters Church Monthly Men's Breakfast and Study

At 10am on Saturday, May 4, Pastor Chuck Ray served-up a manly breakfast of eggs, sausage, biscuits and homemade gravy.  The Prescott Valley weather was so nice that men pulled tables together and ate, outside, as a collective family.  What a perfect day for a Men’s Breakfast and fellowship.  

Under a cobalt blue sky, with a slight breeze and shaded temperatures in the high 60’s, Living Waters Church launched their new Men’s Bible Study series on Living Faith Daily.  As Pastor Ray elaborated, Paul describes our theoretical position as believers in the first eleven chapters of Romans.  Then, beginning with the first word of Romans 12, Paul gets personal.  “Therefore”, Paul transitions, “Renew your mind”.  “Test and approve God’s good, pleasing and perfect will” for your life. The Living Waters Men’s Breakfast and fellowship will dig into Romans 12 during June and July.  Checkout  Anyone interested is welcome to this non-denominational study … and a great breakfast!

The Living Water Church campus is located at 8075 N Prescott Ridge Rd in Prescott Valley.  Sunday worship services begin at 10am.  Wednesday evening services start at 6:30pm. Check them out or see them online at

Feb'19 Heights Church Men's Breakfast and Table Talk

Nearly 100 men gathered together at Heights Church on Saturday, February 16th.  From 8-9am, men sat, joked, drank coffee and ate eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and hotcakes.  No pressure.  No interruptions.  Just laughing, eating and visiting.

At 9am, Richard Valenzuela re-focused everyone to the current topical series called, “Truth Lessons”.  Valenzuela talked about Augustine’s conversion and faith.  How did Augustine “abide in the Word”.  How did Paul’s writings convict him and change the way that Augustine lived? 

After Richard’s 15-min background study, Nate Dabney presented the Table Talk notes.  Discipleship at Heights Men’s Breakfast focuses on table discussion and application of God’s word.  How do real men apply God’s word in real life.  Tables of 5-10 men chewed on “Truth Lessons” for nearly an hour.  How does God define truth in the Bible?  What does it mean that scripture is “inspired by God”?  Create real life examples of how inspired scripture can be used to teach, reprove, correct and train men in righteous living.  

Sound interesting?  It’s a great group of guys in an energetic church fellowship.  Checkout the Men’s Calendar for more on Heights Church Men’s Events.