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2019 Men's Expo Yavapai College September 21, 2019

This year’s event will be more exciting than ever.  Men will be amazed!  I’ve challenged my Teams to come up with more interactive events than ever before! 

Certainly, Men’s Expo will keep its most popular demonstrations.  People love the chainsaw carving activity.  Men’s can’t get enough of the Car Show, New Model Cars and first responder vehicles.  I can’t say enough about the enthusiasm and dedication of these men who support our efforts!

Besides our core demos, men are interested in more hands-on events.  A major effort is being made to double (or triple?) the hand-on, interactive activities this year.  (The photos, at the left, hint at what we’re thinking.)  We know that fathers and sons love the time spent together doing fun, challenging activities.  I’m pushing our Teams to make 2019 the benchmark for years to come!

Finally, we’re in final discussions with our speaker.  We want to give attendees a fun and enthusiastic Christian man to challenge our men.  Get Real Men’s Expo continues focus on real men who trust Jesus … or men who think they might want to trust Jesus. 

I’ll  share more about our speaker in future posts. You will definitely want to be part of our September event.                   

                     -Jared Wockenfuss, Co-Chairman