Yavapai College Performing Arts Center

September 21, 2019 8:30am-1:00pm

MEN's EXPO by the Numbers

FOUR - Hours of Fun and Games
NINE - Incredible "hands-on" activities
  • Mechanical Bull Riding
  • Rock Wall Climbing
  • Archery Train & Target Shoot
  • Big League Throw for Speed
  • Tomahawk Training and Throw
  • Wrecking Ball Knockout
  • Water Balloon Toss & Splash
  • And more...
ONE - Yavapai College Drone Exhibition

ONE - Chainsaw Carving Art Demo
ONE - Hour of outstanding entertainment
  • Live worship band mini concert
  • Dennis Swanberg, Christian Comedian
FOUR - All Day Food trucks
100+ - Custom Cars & Motorcycles
* Sports celeb autographs and photos
* Parking Lot of First Responder Vehicles
* Raffle for Amazing Prizes ... and more!

You will be blown away by Men’s Expo in 2019!

This year’s event is going to be more exciting than ever before.  More hands-on activities than years’ past.  New and exciting demos.  We will have rock climbing, tomahawk throwing, bull riding, archery and more…  This year we’re joined by the Yavapai College’s Drone Team.  I challenged my Teams to create a Christian men’s day with fun and excitement … and they delivered them! 

Certainly, Men’s Expo will keep its most popular demonstrations.  People love the chainsaw carving activity.  And the carvings become part of the amazing Giveaway Raffle!  Men can’t get enough of the Custom Car Show, New Model Cars and first responder vehicles … so we’ve increased the number of cars this year, too.  

But wait … because there’s more!  We’re adding a special sports celebrity autograph and photo booth area.  Our feature speaker this year is comedian Dennis Swanberg, “America’s Minister of Encouragement”.  Dennis has entertained and encouraged over 150 faith-based organizations and corporations!  What a delight to have him join Every Man Arizona this year!   

Save the Date and plan to Attend! Follow  Men’s Expo on Facebook for the latest on teams,  players and speaker announcements.  

 -Jared Wockenfuss, Co-Chairman

Rock Wall Climbing

The Men’s Expo rock climbing wall experience id for kids and adults of all ages. Rock walls are supervised by two trained staff.  These staffers harness climbers with provided climbing gear! Our rock wall is approximately 8-ft wide and 25-ft high.  Kids (of all ages!) will experience a new level of courage and accomplishment. 

Our rock wall accommodates four climbers simultaneously.  For safety, climbers must weigh between 45#-250#s.

Over 100 Custom Cars and Motorcycles

Water Balloon Toss & Splash

Smooth launch, soft catch, a good partner, daring, guts and glory?  Maybe!  We’ll find out at the Men’s Expo.  Do you and a partner have what it takes to stay dry and win?  You could be honored and awarded … or doused.  We’ll see on Saturday!

Balloon Toss Boy

Activities & Schedule

    Expo Activities

  1. Tomahawk Training and Toss
  2. Big League Throw for Speed
  3. Yavapai College Mechanics Forum
  4. Wrecking Ball Knockout
  5. Mechanical Bull Riding
  6. Archery Train & Target Shoot
  7. Rock Wall Climbing
  8. Yavapai College Drone Exhibition
  9. Chainsaw Art Carving
  10. Water Balloon Toss & Splash

Expo Schedule

8:00  Yavapai College Parking Open

8:30-1:00 Food Trucks Open

8:30-1:00 Activities Open

11:00-12:15 Live in the YCPAC
Main Event – Dennis Swanberg

12:15-1:00  Lunch and Raffle Giveaway

Mechanical Bull Riding .......... if you dare!

Our mechanical bull is safe and fun for all riders!

Whether you are 10 years old or 50 years old, experienced staff adjusts the mechanical bull difficulty-level to match your skill level. You decide how crazy you are!  At the Men’s Expo, the mechanical bull is surrounded by a baffled air bag (like in bounce houses). The mechanical bull is NEVER run without a mattress properly in place … presuming that you don’t make your 8-seconds!

Safety is our primary concern but action rides can be dangerous.  However, the body of the mechanical bull is padded.  Action is always initiated and supervised by a trained operator. The bull’s head is made from rubber unlike older models made from fiberglass or metal.

Dr Dennis Swanberg, Men's Expo 2019

Dennis Swanberg

America's Minister of Encouragement

Dennis served the local church in pastoral ministry for 23 years. Then, in 1995 Dennis took a leap of faith when he stepped down as church pastor and stepped up to the microphone on stages and platforms all across America and the World.

“The Swan” became “AMERICA’S MINISTER OF ENCOURAGEMENT”, a job he takes seriously as he continues to speak to about 150 organizations, faith-based groups and corporations every year. He has hosted two successful TV series, authored 9 books, and created over two dozen DVD/CD productions.

Dennis is a graduate of Baylor University where he majored in both Greek and Religion (1976). He earned both a Master of Divinity (1980) and a Doctor of Ministry (1986) at Southwestern Seminary, Ft. Worth, TX.

Dennis is married to the former Lauree Wilkes of Ft. Worth, TX. Dennis and Lauree have two grown sons: Chad and his wife Lisa, and Dustin and his wife, Britny. ‘The Swans’ make their home in Monroe, Louisiana.

Wrecking Ball Knockout

Wrecking Ball is a four player game of balance and skill.  Players balance themselves atop a partially deflated 4’x4′ pedestal.  Suspended, from overhead, is a 3-ft diameter “wrecking ball”.  Simple, right? 

Play is a combination of foursquare and dodgeball.  Players capture the wrecking ball, first.  Then, they swing the wrecking ball at an opponent to push that player off their pedestal. 

Live Christian Worship Band

Enjoy the best musical talent from Prescott churches.  For 15-20 minutes, you will hear (and sing?) the best contemporary Christian music charting today!  We believe that Jesus would have loved upbeat worship songs with heartfelt lyrics sung by amazing vocalists accompanied by electric guitars and great percussion!

Tomahawk Training & Toss

Back by popular demand… One of the most popular hands-on activities at the 2018 Men’s Expo was the Tomahawk Toss.  Sounds easy, right?  But it’s not!

With preliminary instruction and gear provided by Men’s Expo supervisors, you’ll receive instruction on the proper technique for grasping and throwing … and sticking your tomahawk in wooden targets.  Lookout Daniel Boone!  

Drone Demonstration by Yavapai College Students

Did you know that Yavapai College has classes in drone operations?  Yep. This year, in partnership with Men’s Expo, students from Yavapai College will demonstrate their drone flight expertise  

Stop by and see the YC-Students drone demonstration.  View yourself from hundreds of feet overhead on drone cameras.  Watch students execute technical maneuvers.  See expertly targeted tennis balls bomb ground-level objectives. 

Archery Train & Target Shoot Challenge

Do candidates exist for Robin Hood or William Tell in the Quad Cities?  Who knows what hidden talents might exist?  With training, you might discover your own hidden skills.

With training,  supervision and equipment provided by Men’s Expo instructors, you will have a chance to learn basic archery skills.  Learn how to how a bow, thread an arrow and shoot arrows … at real targets.  See if this isn’t something where you have skills.  Who knows, maybe you are a candidate for an archery clubs in the Quad Cities?

Big League Throw for Accuracy and Speed

Where is your big league arm?  Do you have one?  Have you ever wondered about the speed of your fastball?  Come on down … show us what you got!

Challenge someone to a pitch-off for speed and accuracy.  We’ve got the gun and the baseballs.  Bring your arm and your skills.  We’ll have ice ready for old guys who cannot out-pitch their kids (or grandkids)!  Laughing is not allowed … unless you are related to the pitcher!  

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