Faith and Fairness

Gen 15:1 God said, “Abram, I am your shield and your exceeding great reward.”


In Genesis, we see twelve challenges that honed Abram’s faith. In dealing with Lot, we see Abram’s faith refined through Lot’s “unfairness”. Abram trusted God when he departed Ur and Haran. Abram trusted God to provide food and shelter through months of travel uncertainty.  Abram trusted that God would provide a special homeland and offspring to fill it.

As Abram and Lot entered the Canaan Valley, God revealed that this was the land He had promised. Abram and Lot, his nephew, would possess this land. But, just as the promise seemed fulfilled, Lot selfishly chose the best lands for himself. In fairness, Abram had unselfishly offered to split Canaan with Lot.  In unfairness, Lot chose the best of what could be seen for himself.  This left Abram with the barren “oaks of Mamre”. Rather than object to Lot’s unfairness and greed, in faith Abram trusted God with what could NOT be seen.  Abram faithfully chose to believe in God’s ability to fulfill God’s promise.


A sense of fairness begs for us to fix imbalance and correct injustice. Staring at Lot’s blatant selfishness and greed, wouldn’t we have stepped-in to protect Abram and secure God’s sovereign interests? Am I judge and jury, to a fault, while pursuing my own standards of fairness and justice? 

Speaking into both of our lives (yours and mine), I need to identify areas in my life where I trust God more and protect him less. Abram’s lesson does not suggest that we ignore injustice and unfairness. We should act for righteousness and protect the weak. For the moment in this current age, we must understand that power often backs injustice and wrong will prevail. Until Jesus returns, evil and unfairness will often prevail! As a believer, I should act and react in ways that reflect both my temporal and eternal perspective. Balanced judgment, with a temporal and eternal perspective, is refined in times of trial. I should strive for what is balanced and right but live with the perspective that, until Jesus’ return, evil will temporarily have its way.

Next Steps

Rom 8:28  Moreover we know that to those who love God, who are called according to his plan, everything that happens fits into a pattern for good.”