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Restore Character

Welcome to Every Man Arizona

These are exciting times when Christian men are standing to lead at home, at work and in their churches. 

God’s word is alive.  Men are renewing and living their faith.  Men’s lives are being transformed with purpose.  Christlike character is being molded by the discipleship of authentic believers and scripture.  God’s Spirit is active and fresh.  Revitalized men are re-discovering bonds in faith, friendship and camaraderie! 

Pray that through the effort of Every Man Arizona (and similar groups) that God will raise up even more gifted, qualified men to lead and mentor others.  As frustration grows with today’s leadership values, our world longs for God’s men to apply principled solutions to complex issues.  To paraphrase John, the Apostle, the sowers have sown, the reapers are reaping … now if we just had more shepherds to feed the flocks.

In The Spirit of the Disciplines, Dr Dallas Willard challenged all believers to recommit to discipleship as our highest calling!  Willard wrote, The correct perspective is to see following Christ not only as the necessity it is, but as the fulfillment of the highest human possibility and as life on the highest plane.”  (emphasis added)

Every Man Arizona (“EMAZ”) is about getting men plugged-in…  

Plugged-in, renewed and transformed. 

Plugged-in, trained and growing in Christ-likeness.

Plugged-in, engaged and leading with men. 

– EMAZ Board of Directors


Every Man Arizona is all-in for renewing men to be more Christlike!

Hatched to fly. CS Lewis, in Mere Christianity, compared non-believers to "eggs". Men cannot go on forever being ordinary, decent eggs. Lewis stated, "We must be hatched or die." We were born to fly! The Journey to restore character starts with renewal and re-birth.

Re-Born; not Fine-Tuned Jesus told Nicodemus (Jn 3:3), “You must be born again.” "Rebirth" is more than a metaphor. Hearing Jesus, Nicodemus was understandably shocked. Rebirth is NOT about “fine-tuning” human nature. As a Pharisee and member of the Sanhedrin (Jn 3), he taught that being right with God was about modifying man's actions to comply with God's Law. Jesus taught that perfect compliance with the Law was impossible. Man could not meet God's criteria "as is". God's alternative was a "do-over" by being born again.

NOT God. Today, admitting that we are NOT God is contrary to our DIY bent and gut-it-out instincts. Rebirth begins when we admit our utter helplessness and trust God to bridge the gap that exists between us .

Step #1 of The Journey- Plug-In. Start character renewal. Hatch and fly! Click Here, or the "Renewed" button below, to begin The Journey. Admit that we are NOT God. Pause to consider that "good enough" is not "godly enough" when the standard is 100%, complete perfection. We cannot go on forever being decent, ordinary eggs. We must be hatched or die. No Rebirth means No Transformation means No Engagement. God created us to fly!

Trained for (Trans)formation

Every Man Arizona is all-in for training men to be Christlike!

Step #2 of The Journey- Plug-In with Team training for character transformation.

Right and Wrong formation. Character formation takes place within the most despicable person and the most admired saint. Character formation happens! Who (or what) molds man's character is the critical element. There is a difference between natural formation and spiritual transformation.

Spiritual Transformation. Spiritual transformation is a creator-driven, supernatural activity. God provides a Team, resources and power to help new believers grow in Christlikeness. This supernatural resource is called "discipleship". Discipleship means that God's Spirit plus teams of Godly men exist to help train new believers to gut their old-man and engage the faith-empowered new-man. Spiritual transformation is not a lone wolf, DIY, boot-strapping action! Using biblical truth, mentors tear down walls built on the lies of natural formation. Through His Holy Spirit, God empowers spiritual transformation to rebuild and restore character.

Tweak-it or Gut-it? In the context of DIY television, some might consider transformation to be a "flip your house" strategy. Here, take out a wall. There, replace some carpet. Repair broken bathroom tile. On the contrary, restoring character is not a spiritual "fixer-upper". When a person commits to becoming Christlike, God's Spirit guts everything to supernaturally restore God's man back to the original, Manufacturer's specifications! Spiritual transformation is a supernatural "do-over".


Every Man Arizona is all-in for engaging Christlike men to lead!

Step #3 of The Journey- Plug-in with other Christian men and churches. Engage to disciple Christlike character in other men.

Engaged in The Way. In the first century, Christians behaved and lived so differently that outsiders described them as followers of "The Way". For example, Paul, who later became an Apostle, was given authority to imprison persons following The Way (Acts 9:2). In Asia, Jews maligned The Way (Acts 9:2). Ephesians rioted against followers of The Way (Acts 19:23). "The Way" comes from Jesus self-characterization as "the way, the truth and the life..." (Jn 14:6). Early converts sought both to follow Jesus' Way, individually, and to live together, in community, in His Way.

Christian men engage and lead. Godly men should be engaged with one another in fellowship as brothers-in-Christ. Godly men should be role models of faith, fun and friendship. Godly men should be role models, to a confused world, of purpose-driven lives. Godly men should lead in their homes and bring blessing to their wives and children. Godly men are needed to help pastors and congregations through challenging times. Today, Godly men are engaged to lead in The Way as bakers, electricians, contractors, librarians, educators, administrators and every discipline in life. As in the first century, Christlike men are called live to "The Way" and provide seekers with a moral compass to the life God intended.

The Christian way is different: harder, and easier.  Christ says, “Give me All.  I don’t want so much of your time and so much of  your money and so much of your work: I want You.  I havc not come to torment your natural self, but to kill it.  No half measures are any good.” (emphasis added)

– CS Lewis, “How Much Must I Give?”

Mere Christianity